Cats are an interesting combination of energetic action and complete laziness. If your cat is not taking one of its frequent naps, you can be certain that it is somewhere climbing, crawling around, getting into things, and causing havoc in general. In order to ensure that your cat’s energy is being expended in a productive manner, you should consider getting some cat climbing trees.

Cats are designed for climbing, and their bodies are made for elegance, grace, and balance. However, that fat Garfield-like cat that is sitting in front of the fireplace is going to be doing about as much climbing as you are. You want to keep your cat in good shape, and getting some cat climbing trees for your cat can ensure that his energy is expended in a manner that will keep him healthy.

When searching for cat climbing trees, you should take into account:

– The height of the cat trees. The higher the cat trees are, the more your cat will enjoy climbing all over them. However, getting cat climbing trees that are too tall will mean that you can’t place it inside your house, so you should purchase cat trees that will actually fit in your house.

– The tree’s base. While the base of the tree doesn’t affect your cat’s perception of it, it will affect just how sturdy it is. Having cat climbing trees with a base that is too thin will result in the cat trees tipping over, so look for cat climbing trees with solid bases to ensure stability.

– Perches for the cat. Cats love to look down at the action beneath them from the comfort of a curved perch on their cat trees. You should look for cat climbing trees that have a number of comfortable curved perches to ensure that your cat has somewhere to laze about on his tree.

– Holes for the cat to crawl in. Cats love to feel that they are enclosed in a warm, tight space, and you should look for cat climbing trees that have cubbyholes and niches for your cat to climb into and sleep in. Cats love hide and seek, and having holes to run into will give it that feeling of security.

– Tunnels. Cats love to crawl through tunnels, as it allows it to develop its feline instincts of sneaking stealthily up on its prey. Find cat climbing trees that have a few tunnels, and your cat will take to the cat trees like a fish takes to water.

– An area on the tree for the cat to scratch itself. Cats are born with the natural instinct to scratch themselves and other things, and your cat needs something to scratch to help its claws develop properly. Rather than having your cat scratch up your furniture, why not get cat climbing trees that have a place for your cat to scratch.

There are many cat climbing trees made out of natural wood, and they cat trees can be a great addition to your home to allow your cat to keep itself out of trouble.

Unique Cat Climbing Trees