When training for basketball, make the most of when you train is important. There are supplies and equipment you can use to maximize your practices. Here are the top three basketball training supplies.

1. THE GUN: This one is very expensive running at about $ 4,500, but every basketball program should have one. That is your high school team needs one of these. Just like must gyms would put a basketball net on a hoop, so must they get a gun. The gun allows you to get of many shots in a lot less time. It rebounds balls for you with a net and then shoots them back out. It increased my shooting percentage by a ton by giving me positive repetition. I went from a driver on JV who never took outside shots one year to the next year on Varsity the other teams coaches were yelling at their players saying do not leave the shooter open. In half an hour you can get a couple hundred shots off by yourself. Nothing else out there can do that making this a must for every basketball program.

2. Jump Shoes: These will bring you to a new level athletically. Basketball is athleticism plus talent. With these shoes you will not only be able to jump higher, but you will be able to jump higher faster. You do not want to be that person who takes the longest time to be able to jump high. You want to be able to jump high right away and that is what these shoes will do for you. They will train you to be a fast person.

3. Tennis ball: This one might sound funny to you, but you will need one. This tennis ball will bring your dribbling to the next level. When ever you are doing dribbling drills. Have the tennis ball in the other hand. Throw the ball up and catch it. If you are doing a cross-over. You will throw the ball up, and then catch it with the other hand. This will force you to not only look up, but to be doing something else while dribbling. This is because while you dribble you need not only to be able to see the court, you have to be able to be thinking about what is going on on the court.

Lastly, you will need a gym to go to and many basketball to wear down to train properly.

If you do not have the opportunity to get the gun you can get a return basketball net.

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