Having a cat can be a wonderful loving relationship, but if your cat continually destroys your furniture, it can be wrought with frustration. Please don’t be frustrated anymore. There are things you can begin to do today to save your furniture and help you have a better relationship with your kitty.

Why do cats claw the furniture? Well, there are a couple of reasons, one being that cats NEED to scratch. They do this to sharpen their claw as well as to help slough of the dead cells. Although cats may not like to take a conventional bath, they do like to keep themselves clean and this claw maintenance is part of their grooming process. Ever buy a scratching post and your cat continues to use your sofa? That is because your kitty has marked the sofa as her territory. Cat’s paws have scent glands, so after they have been scratching for a while in one spot they have marked it with their scent. This can make it difficult for your cat to transition to their scratching post.

Here are a few tips to get your cat to actually use their scratching post if you have one. If you don’t have a scratching post, check out this site for tips to chose an appropriate scratching post for your cat www.squidoo.com/teach-cat-use-scratching-post. Ok, now that you have a scratching post you need to make sure that your cat won’t continue to claw your furniture. One way to deter your cat from scratching in their soon-to-be old favorite spot you need to make it as unattractive as possible. Place tape around the area where your cat claws. Ever see a cat with tape on its paw? If you have then you get the idea. If not…..they don’t like it! Another thing you can do is cover the area with plastic. It is the same principle; cats don’t like the feel of plastic. Also, since your cat has marked the area with their scent it is important to mask it. There are products available to do this. An inexpensive thing for you to try is to squeeze the juice of some kind of citrus fruit (orange, lemon, etc.) and put it in a squirt bottle. Fill the remainder of the bottle with water and spray the area.

Now that your cats old scratching area has been made as unattractive as possible you need to make the new scratching post as attractive as you can. Place the scratching post within close proximity to the area where your cat used to scratch. Put cat nip on the post to entice your kitty to use it. As your cat uses the scratching post begin to move it slowly away from the old area to the desired location of the post. With time your cat will learn to love her scratching post as much as your furniture.

I have had many cats with varying behavior problems throughout the years. I through much research (and shredded furniture) I discovered http://www.stopcatclawingfurniture.info and it has made a world of difference in my home. I’m actually able to buy nice furniture now without the fear of it being used as a scratching post!