Doctor Brown: Have you got a cute rabbit that wants quality food? What are the best types of food for your rabbit? Did you know a rabbit needs more than just pellets to stay healthy? Where can you get cheap quality food for your rabbit? Did you know rabbits love eating weeds, lawn and other vegetables? How can you make your rabbit healthy and happy by simply giving it vegetables and clean water?

Can you make your rabbit happy by feeding it delicious cheap food?

If you can imagine yourself as a rabbit then you too would like quality delicious food. Some of the vegetables that you grow or eat are also a rabbit’s favorite delicacies. Please remember to wash the vegetables first because some vegetables have pesticides on them. You wouldn’t want your rabbit to eat it. Rabbits are one of the simplest pets to have. They have a huge diet that varies from weeds to bread.

Rabbits are lovely, cuddly and peaceful animals. They are either eating, resting or mating. This is the life of a rabbit. In the wild they are running away from predators. They rarely make any noise. They have a diet that varies from carrots to different garden weeds. Although you may think weeds are disgusting but it is a rabbit’s delicacy. It is important to allow your rabbit to eat a balanced diet and keep it healthy. Rabbits also need exercise. It is important to let you rabbit out of its hutch as often as possible to give it fresh air, sun light and to warm its muscles. Your rabbit will be very happy because living in a hutch is like a jail. It is important to understand that your rabbit also needs exercise so remember to let it out more often. Rabbits love to roam and nibble at weeds around the home. They do not want to be stuck in a hutch all day long. Don’t keep it outside overnight because cats can injure or kill your rabbit. Rabbits also love clean water especially in the hot summer months.

There are various types of food that you can purchase at the supermarkets. Here are a few types of food you could fee your rabbit:

1. Carrots

2. Cabbages

3. Capsicum

4. Cucumbers

5. Apples

6. Pears

7. Vegetables

8. Bread

9. Lettuce

10. Water melons

11. Corn

12. Potatoes

13. Broccoli

14. Cauliflower

15. Zucchinis

Unlike dogs and cats, rabbits don’t need that much attention because they are timid and shy. Rabbit manure is a great fertilizer for your garden.

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