Maybe you are a member of family who will welcome the new born baby. For you who have cat, this is going to be a problem because the cats might feel annoyed by the baby coming. If you have been familiar with the tricky tricks on your cat, this is not a big problem anymore. Even, your baby and cat could be best friend forever. Therefore, it is necessary for you to understand the tips to make your baby familiar with the cat you have. Here are the tips to make your baby and cats become best friend forever:

– Change the house rules when the baby arrives at home. You can change the room where your cat sleeps into the nursery room. You should ban the cat first before the baby is brought home. This step will make your cat will not be disturbed by the arrival your baby at home.

– Take your cats to the vet first for the complete medical check before the baby arrives at home. It can prevent the dangerous health problem such as fleas and parasites since these problems can be overcame before the baby comes to home.

– Leave the cot and crib out before the baby is born. Then deter the cat from the jumping and trying action to the random place where he or she should get sleep. You have to let the baby sleep together with the cat frequently.

-Don’t make the cats jealous with the several things you make when your new baby arrives at home. You can ask someone to take care of your cat when you are in the hospital. At the time you are back at home, make sure that you come back to take care of your cats.

– Take time to introduce your cats to the baby. Let them approach your baby using its own way by sniffing carefully. Do not introduce your cat to the baby while he or she is crying since the sound will put off the cats.

– When your baby is sleeping, take care of your cats carefully so that they both will get the same attention.

– You have to teach your baby how to pet the cat while he or she is growing up and crawling on the wall. This step can be taken after the baby is around 4 years old that you can leave your baby and cat together without being supervised.

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