Do you want your dog to have a one of a kind collar? Do you have some basic sewing skills and a good sewing machine? If your answer is “yes”, then you can make your own custom dog collar.

Besides a sewing machine, you will need a few other items before you begin your project. If you can’t find these at home, you can order them online, or get them at your local fabric store. If you have an old dog collar, you could even get the needed hardware from it.

You will need the hardware or fittings for a dog collar: You need a side release buckle, Dee ring, and a slider to make the collar adjustable. If you have an old dog collar, you can take these fittings from it. All of the hardware should fit the same size webbing.

Webbing in one inch width is a common size for many collars. If you want your custom dog collar to make more of a statement, you can go up to 2 inches for a larger dog. Make sure the hardware is the right size for the webbing you will be using.

You need to have webbing that is about one foot longer than your dog’s neck. It should be the same size width as the buckles, slide and Dee ring. If you want to add a ribbon down the center of the webbing for decoration, you will also need enough of that as well.

If you choose to add a ribbon, cut it the same length as your webbing. Position it in the center of the webbing, and stitch it securely along both sides of the ribbon. If the ribbon ends will fray, turn them under before stitching all the way to the end.

Thread one end of the webbing through the female end of the buckle and fold the webbing over about 3 inches. Sew close to the buckle. Put the Dee ring through the open end of the webbing and bring it up near the buckle and stitch along the other side. Stitch both places several times to make sure they are secure. Stitch along the end of the webbing, making an X for increased strength.

Take the other end of the webbing and weave it through both holes of the slider, and then through the other buckle. Keeping the webbing flat, loop it back through the slider around the center post and loop it back on itself. Sew securely close to the center post. Your custom dog collar is now complete and ready for the dog fashion show. Auto Traffic Avalanche

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