There are many occasions you will find that you need pet carriers for small dogs, such as in the car, traveling, and taking your dog to the veterinarian. Many people just purchase a pet carrier and hope that the dog will fit inside it, which of course, is not the best way to make sure it is the right size. If the carrier is too large, your poor little dog will shift around forcefully inside the carrier if you have to put on the brakes suddenly. On the other hand, if you get one that is too small, he will be too uncomfortable to lay down, which can actually be very dangerous if your dog attempts to turn around and does not have the room to do so.

When looking at pet carriers for small dogs, you need to take a quick measurement of your dog, how tall is he from his head to the ground, and how long is he from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. Next, take a measurement of how round he is this will give you a good idea of what size carrier you need when you head out to do your shopping. Make sure when you take your measurements that you’re not doing so with your dog curled up, rather, they should be standing straight when you take the measurements.

Keep in mind that when you are shopping for pet carriers for small dogs, the perfect fit allows your dog to stand up, turn around, and lay down comfortable. Therefore, you need to take make sure the length, width, and height of the carrier matches the measurements you took of your dog or are close. For instance, if your dog is 13 inches long, choose a carrier that is 14 inches long rather than going for one that is 12 inches.

If you are planning to travel with your dog, then pet carriers for small dogs becomes instrumental and the size you choose will determine if your dog has a miserable or comfortable trip. For long trips, you definitely want a carrier that can be made into a comfortable oasis for your little pooch, after all, he or she will be spending several hours in the carrier, and it needs to be comfortable.

You can find pet carriers for small dogs in just about any pet store, but for the best selection, often shopping online is your best solution. Just pay close attention to the measurements given for the carrier and make sure that it coincides to your dog’s measurements. That way you can have the carrier delivered directly to your door and get what you truly want rather than going to a pet store and hope they have a good selection.

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