Buying a cheap white bunk bed is a false economy. Why? Simply because it will start to look pretty shoddy and tacky in no time at all. Think about this, who are the main users of these bunk beds going to be? Children of course. Kids love bunk beds, right? Of course they do and what they love most about them is jumping and climbing on them.

In fact that’s what kids love to do generally with all things. What are the worst things to have around children? White things. Anything white gets trashed almost immediately. Now admittedly you don’t need to worry about wiping dirt off a white bed frame as much as you do wiping it off your favorite white sofa but it will show up far more obviously than a dark framed bed.

More importantly if your bunk bed is cheap then that only means one thing. It will be cheaply made. With all home furnishings you really do get what you pay for. Sometimes people baulk at paying huge amounts of money on a sofa or bed but to go for the cheapest option is a false economy.

I recently bought a cheap sofa and already I can see it’s not going to last, and I don’t even have children! A well made, and I’m afraid therefore, more expensive piece of furniture will always pay its way over time. A good quality bed will stay with you for decades whereas something cheaper will start to break down within a couple of years.

Low quality bunk beds in particular have all kinds of joints and slats waiting to be broken or bent out of shape after a few months of your children swinging on them. They won’t be made of solid wood which means an interior made out of chip board. The white coating on the bed will probably be very thin and it won’t take much for this to be chipped away at, leaving your kids bed looking very tatty in no time.

My advice, save up, pay a little more and get a bunk bed that will last in a color that won’t show up dirt and damage. Avoid a cheap white bunk bed.

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