A dog is undoubtedly a man’s best friend. There is no other creature that can normally be kept as a pet that is as faithful and devoted to its owner as a dog. The faithfulness of dogs is such that they have been one of the oldest pets ever since the time of recorded history. A dog is definitely the best pet that a person can have as it fulfills that roles of at least 2 individuals, it is a friend and a protector as it can save your home from unwanted access.

For this reason it is simple logic that dictates that the dog should have the best of supplies wherever its personal effect are concerned. A dog does not really have many things that it can call possessions. All it needs is a place to sleep and a good collar to identify its owner. A dog collar is a collar that is put on a dog’s neck that has a tag that identifies its name and owner so that the people who see it can recognize that it is not a stray and that it has a home.

A good dog collar is important as it maintains the dog’s neck in the right healthy condition as if a dog collar is not used and a chain is simply put around the neck of a dog, there can be serious complications like the chain getting embedded into the wound and causing a lot of infections. A good dog collar will ensure that this problem is not caused and will also make the identification of the dog much easier and will protect the dog from the sweeps that are conducted by the municipal department to catch stray dogs. This is very important as unless there is proof that the dog belongs to a particular person, the municipal department will not set it free.


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