A new trend in digital shopping is sweeping the nation; buying pet supplies online. If you’ve ever struggled with a full weeks shopping, including 20 cans of cat and dog food (like me) you’ll be saying, “It’s about time!” Besides the physical difficulties transporting bulky pet supplies can impose on you, it’s really hard to find good deals without running around to numerous stores effectively burning any savings on your fuel costs.

Online pet shop, PetShopBowl, was designed with exactly these problems in mind. It’s as simple as checking your email, a couple of clicks and you can select from a wide range of products for each of your beloved furry, hairy, hooved, scally or slimy friends. Package tracking numbers and a 30-day money back guarantee make it a worry-free process, giving you more free time.  

Buying in bulk is another perk associated with shopping online; the larger bags provide better value for money. By following the at home pet food storage instructions, you can order several months’ worth of food and pay just a onetime shipping fee.

Online shopping suits everyone, if you love bargain hunting there are weekly specials updated conveniently on the “Sales” page. Or if you’d rather have one less thing to think about, PetShopBowl has a new feature called the “Bottomless Bowl.” Customers can select to have a recurring order; after choosing their products and the delivery frequency they can sit back and await regular shipments. It’s not just food readily available, cat litter, medicine, bedding, toys and treats and various pet accessories can all easily be purchased online.

You can become your household budget’s biggest ally, by changing your shopping habits and saving up to 50% on your annual pet supplies bill simply by ordering them online. By carefully selecting their wholesalers and products, PetShopBowl is able to cut their prices and offer its customers some of the best deal available anywhere.

PetShopBowl is a home delivery pet shop dedicated to providing an efficient and cost effective service for pet owners. Our aim is to take the hassle out of buying and transporting bulky pet supplies, which are often heavy and expensive. Our user friendly website implements smooth transactions and the step-by-step package tracking provides peace of mind. We are the first UK pet shop to offer our automated recurring order service “Bottomless Bowl,” no contracts mean you can cancel at any time. With one quick purchase customers set their requirements and frequency, then never have to think about buying pet food again and receive their orders as stated. Customer satisfaction is our main objective, which is why we offer a 30-day-money back guarantee and 99% of orders are shipped the same day. We sell all major manufacturer brands offering up to 5,000 different products for an array of animals such as dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits and horses.

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