Being a good pet owner takes a lot of responsibility.  You have to give your pet food, water, love and attention.  You have to care for him when he’s sick and you need to protect your pet against disease.  That is why it’s important to get vaccinations County Durham for your pet. Vaccinations are given to your pet to help protect them against disease. Vets recommend you vaccinate your puppy or kitten starting when they are six weeks old.  This is because the immunities that are found in the mother’s milk will start to wear off and they will become suseptible to many diseases.  The vaccinations are spaced out three to four weeks apart and will end when they are about sixteen weeks old.  

You can get your pet vaccinated at your local animal hospital.  If you are not sure of where your local animal hospital is located, try doing an internet search or looking in the phone book.  You can also ask neighbors, friends, groomers or pet sitters.  Finding a vet is important for many reasons.  If your pet becomes ill, you will need to take him to the animal hospital and it’s best to take him to one that he is familiar with.  Getting your pet vaccinated is a great way to introduce him to the vet.  

There are a couple different ways that vaccinations County Durham are administered.  Some are given to your pet by injection or a spray in the nose.  When the vaccination is given to your pet, your pet’s immune system will protect against the specific disease. Vaccinations are not always 100% effective or guaranteed to protect against illness. That’s why it’s important to still watch for signs of illness in your pet and if you suspect your pet may be sick, get him in to see the vet.   

After your pet is vaccinated, it’s not uncommon for them to experience some mild side effects.  Not all pets experience them, but a few may.  Your pet may have a mild fever or decreased appetite.  You may notice that your pet is not as energetic or playful as usual.  You may also notice sneezing or mild coughing.  These side effects should go away after a couple of days but if they persist or you notice any serious changes in your pet, get them into the animal hospital right away.

Vaccinations County Durham are important for your pet to have to give them the healthiest start in life.  They will be better protected against disease and illness.

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